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Glass or China? Flowers or Simple Elegance?

I am one of those “at the moment” kind of people. At the moment I love china, but this summer I will love glass! I go back and forth with my mood and the season and, of course, the newest great find that I CAN’T live without! However, it is becoming more common to mix it all together! Not just glass with china but patterns and colors! My Grandmother went to Germany a few times and she loved to get a new set of china each time she went. When she got home it was out with the old and in with the new. For her having the set is what made the beauty of the table. I have a few personal sets that I will never part with, but, when I pull one of those sets out I am never happy with the set as a whole. For example, if I take out my Pope Gosser PInk Rose set I like to use all the plates and maybe one casserole dish, then I like to mix in pink swirl glasses and maybe white and gold rimmed serving plate with a touch of purple glass candlesticks. Then the next time I may use blue garland plates and cups with blue glass berry bowls and milk glass serving bowls. The thing is, too much of one pattern drowns out the pattern, when you add touches of other patterns and colors that make each other pop you appriciate the beauty of each piece because it is highlighted more. So don’t be afraid to mix things up! Don’t go overboard…some colors and patterns are just not meant to be together, but play around a little! If you like it, then it probably looks great!

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