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Why Even Numbers?

I find so many great deals on glasses and dishes because they are missing 1 plate or 1 cup.  In fact, most of my personal dishes I bought because they were clearenced because there were only 9 glasses, or 11 plates, then I bring them home and pack up the oddball! I have yet to keep it packed for very long because I have kids 🙂 And truthfully, it’s not always the kids that have the accident.  It should be another rule to Newtons laws of gravity…if you buy something new, it won’t take long to break it in.  I am always thankful that I have the extra to replace it! So next time you find that set that you LOVE but it only has 7, BUY IT! You will have a set of 6 whatevers, plus a replacement for the next time your cousin’s kid or friends kid breaks one!

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